jQuery: Getting Started

Be sure to read Getting Started: READ FIRST

Step 0 Download source code for jQuery SDK is here: https://github.com/pauluxprobe/uxprobeClientSDK

Step 1 open the sample page, test.html, and change these 2 lines:

Update the account ID "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" to your account ID, and change the product "jQuerySDK" to your product, and set a version "0.2" . Run the page and try clicking the buttons, SessionStart, TaskStart, Screen, Feature, Error, TaskEnd and SessionEnd.

Open up the UXProbe dashboard, click on the Sessions tab and you should see your session. Click on the session and you can see the details. If you dont see this right away then something is wrong. Dont go any farther until you have this working.

Step 2 to add UXprobe to your own app you simply need to copy

Step 3 start your session when the document has loaded

Step 4 Add other logging statements where appropriate:

Step 5 More advanced elements are adding a feedback panel (see the example
panels in the sample app) and adding some micro surveys. When you are ready, read the article jQuery: feedback panels and microsurveys

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