jQuery: feedback panels and microsurveys


Logging user feedback is easy with UXprobe. If you you want to create your own feedback UI you can use this function

If you dont have time to make a feedback panel you can use the included feedback panel in the SDK. Make sure you have the option UXprobe includes.

Add a div to host the feedback panel (i.e. at the end of the document)

Then in your document ready initialize the panel


Adding a micro-survey is a tiny bit more work. First you need to create a survey on the survey tab of the UXprobe dashboards. After you have a survey you will have the survey ID – it’s a uuid just like the account ID.

Add the optional includes (same as above)

Add a div to host the survey panel (i.e. at the end of the document)

Then add a handler to pop up the survey:

If you want to build your own survey UI, you can and you can use this method to submit the survey answer

If you want to get a json list of all the surveys for your account you can call this function