Android: Getting Started

Be sure to read Getting Started: READ FIRST

Step 0 Download source code for AngularJS SDK is here:

Step 1 Add the libraries

Step 2 Add the permissions

Step 3 Create an instance of UXProbeLogger

You can use a singleton:

Or, recommended, as a member of your application class:

Step 4 Set Options

Before using the logging set your options

The logger has a global on/off switch – you can use this to disable the logging without removing the calls

The logger sends recorded events in batches to the REST service every N seconds, default is 1 second

If you are using the DefaultHttpClient then you should set this to prevent a second from being created in your app

Set your account ID and the context

Start the session with your app name, the app version, and a user ID.

Step 5 Add your logging

Add the logging for tasks, features, screens and errors

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